I’m not a great neighbor.

Now, I live out in the middle of nowhere, so I don’t have a lot of neighbors, but the ones I do have should feel shorted.

I don’t look after their house, pick up their mail. I don’t keep a suspicious eye on the pest control guy to make sure he’s on the up and up…none of it.

I open my garage, give the occasional wave, unload my car stuff and go on my merry way.

I do bring them cookies once a year at Christmas, well actually I send my kids to deliver the cookies, so I’m not sure that counts as neighborly.

I keep to myself, I’m busy, and admittedly don’t make the time.

All of that being said, if my neighbor came knocking on my door, or I heard a cry from the mile distance between our homes, or if I saw smoke coming from their house, I’d help.

No question. They are human beings, we share a space and I owe it to them, as their neighbor, to help in case of an emergency.

Like I said, I’m not inviting them over for dinner, we don’t have block parties, but if there was an emergency, if they were in distress or cried out to me for help.

It’s my responsibility.

Shame on you, Penn State Administration!

The mail was overflowing, cries were heard from all around your neighborhood, the house burned to the ground and you were too busy closing the door and watering your own plants.

My thoughts from the laundry room. Check for Monsters Under the Bed.

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