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I don’t watch television at all.  Haven’t watched a television show in years.  Well, that’s not true I have watched a few episodes of Mad Men and Glee on my computer, but I have not watched anything when it actually aired in forever.  Weird, I know, but hands down the very best gift I’ve ever…

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Patched Knees

I’ve always loved a new year…well, a new anything for that matter.  When I was in school I loved new notebooks or new school clothes.  As I get older I love new cars or a new purse…I really love a new purse.  All opportunities to get rid of the old stains or used pages. New…

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Shocking Colors

  Pablo Picasso, Three Musicians, 1921. The status quo is comfortable and people tend to gravitate toward what they understand and can logically get their head around.  Change can be scary and pulls into question “What will happen now?”  Change in politics or society can effect people’s lives in often dramatic ways.  I understand the…

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I’ve always found the phrase “May contain nuts or nut pieces” odd, especially when it is found on foods that have nothing to do with nuts. Don’t the makers of these products know whether there are nuts? What do you mean it “may contain”? After seeing this several times and pondering the possibilities I’ve determined…

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I love when the arts have the courage to reflect a view felt by a society, not matter how ugly or controversial. Bravo to Rescue Me, a series on FX. I felt this way after 9/11 and it was the closest thing to blasphemy. During that time people were ripped apart for any feeling that…

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J. Crew

I was listening to someone on NPR this morning talk about how the Obamas held hands during their first dance at one of the Inaugural Balls. This commentator (I use the term very loosely) went on to say that Americans can really tell they are in love because this is the first time a president…

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