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Gardening Gloves

My hands still smell like garlic. I washed them at least three times last night and again this morning, but as I type, I still catch a whiff.  I can’t cook, so I’m often relegated to prep work.  I really don’t chop well either, but sometimes I like to help out.  I minced garlic last…

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I’m a little “apptastic” lately and with that comes some guilt and self reflection. I realize most people just buy apps for their phone or iPad and enjoy the hell out of themselves.  They launch birds at pigs or keep a photo catalogue of their shoes or the contents of their house.  There’s no reason…

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Pocket Square

Above all else, I like quirky.  Add intelligent to quirky and I’m a goner. I love John McIntrye. You may, or may not, know that he was the copy editor and is now a production manager for the Baltimore Sun.  No, I do not live in Maryland, but he is a pretty big deal.  Mr.…

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