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Tighty Whitey

I spend a lot of time in the car, so I often entertain myself by people watching on the freeway. For those of you that don’t have an hour commute, let me tell you it can be fascinating. Occasionally I’ll see a driver that for one reason or another will make me laugh out loud…

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Cold Water with Like Colors

“What are the directions?” I asked my 7 year old daughter when she told me we needed to do a Book Mobile for her reading book Chocolate Fever. She replied that there were no instructions she was just supposed to put pictures and fun things from the book on paper and tape them to a…

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Sorting it Out

This is my very first blog entry and I must say a place for me to ramble my thoughts has been a long time coming. It is my intention that this blog will be my place to reflect on the world and often times my little corner. I have three amazing children and while a…

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