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Last Load

  December, you’ve always been a problem child. I love well beyond the majority of Sara Bareilles’s songs, but December perfectly describes this time for me. I realize the last month of the year is all about holidays and baking, family and friends, but no matter how we dress it up December is a myth. In…

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I’m not feeling it. I know, I type this every year, but jeez why is it Christmas again? Maybe my internal calendar is off because it feels like . . . March to me. I sometimes have these fantasies of getting on a plane bound for somewhere that doesn’t care that it’s Christmas. I’m not…

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Last Few Loads

It is the first day of December.  Here come the moods. Not all bad moods, not all warm and fuzzy moods, just moods.  December is a moody month for me.  I think a lot during the middle months, so December, the last month, the end to a year, a holiday month, really gets me going.…

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