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Play Clothes

I have not listened to music in nearly two years. I’ve listened to the occasional song in the car, the focus-chill playlist with no words, and our family plays a game where we pick a theme and then go around the room so everyone gets to play their musical interpretation of the theme. That’s fun.…

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Split Seam

Dear Boobs – This morning’s conversation as we stood in the bathroom mirror was probably the first time we’ve shared more than a passing glance since it became clear we are no longer on the same page. It was tense. I stared at you and tried to imagine my body when you are gone. I’ll…

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Favorite Jean Shirt

Jack sprained his paw running around and barking at the coyotes that like to hang by our back fence. The fence is tall enough to keep them out, but he’s protective of his home, his humans, that way. So, he’s been a bit limpy lately. I was diagnosed with a bit of cancer in my…

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Pink Pockets

When I was young, my mom and I moved to New York to take care of my Nannie who had breast cancer. My Nan fought like hell, and we spent a good bit of time in Bronxville. We lived in a one-bedroom apartment, which was part of a big yellow house that had four or…

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Mohair Coat

It’s only money if you have it.  The same holds true for hair. It seems easier to give when money abounds.  If I’m not worried about paying for groceries or my electricity being shut off, I’m more willing to share, donate, or give money to someone in need. If, however, I hit a point where…

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