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“Fuck this place and fuck all of you,” a woman bellowed from somewhere outside the window this morning while I was making my tea. The walls of our little house are fairly thin, and we are close to lots of things, but she must have been wailing because it sounded like she was right behind…

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  It’s been windy all day, really windy. I think the wind is mother nature’s voice. Most of the time she takes it, she’s silent, occasionally she rains, but there are times she needs to speak. Let it out. Wind is the way she puts us all in our place. When things are blowing around and…

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Freshly Pressed

We have one of those flip out ironing boards in the laundry room. It’s on the wall across from the cat box and above the laundry basket area.  We have two large mesh baskets and they fit neatly against the wall, under the illustration of a basketball hoop that’s hanging on the wall.  Basketball hoop, laundry basket,…

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Drop Waist

I found a little bird a few days ago. The little guy had fallen or been pushed from his nest prematurely.  I’m not sure why I knew it was a “he,” but a “he” it was, at least in my mind.  He’d fallen behind the stand that holds our backyard hose. We have lots of bird nests…

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Mohair Coat

It’s only money if you have it.  The same holds true for hair. It seems easier to give when money abounds.  If I’m not worried about paying for groceries or my electricity being shut off, I’m more willing to share, donate, or give money to someone in need. If, however, I hit a point where…

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Morning Coat

There is an owl that lives by my house. I don’t often hear her and I’ve only seen her fly over once, but she’s there.  I’m not sure why I call her “she”, but I always have. Yesterday morning I was up early, it was still dark, moon and stars still out.  It was cold…

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Top Siders

I had to go to shopping yesterday.  Time was running out and things just had to be done. I went to an outdoor shopping area, so it wasn’t the horrible mall yucky that I make a point to avoid every year.  As I was finishing up and walking toward my car, there was a man…

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I have this jacket I bought at J.Crew last winter.  It’s sort of a camo green, but it’s tailored and it has a lot of gold snaps.  I’ve always thought there were too many snaps.  It stops just short of Michael Jackson.  It’s not gaudy, but I don’t really wear it.  The jacket feels like…

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Red Socks

You can be the outcast or be the backlash of somebody’s lack of love, or you can start speaking up. More than anything else, more than any other “life skill,” I wish this for my children. Actually, I wish it for all of us. It’s Friday.  Enjoy. That’s all from the laundry room.  Sleep Naked.

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