I have this jacket I bought at J.Crew last winter.  It’s sort of a camo green, but it’s tailored and it has a lot of gold snaps.  I’ve always thought there were too many snaps.  It stops just short of Michael Jackson.  It’s not gaudy, but I don’t really wear it.  The jacket feels like a statement and I’m never comfortable in it.

Maybe it’s because the snaps are gold.  I have issues with gold.  It seems like a jacket for someone else.

I was waiting in line for spin class on Saturday next to this lovely woman, I can never remember her name, but I see her every Saturday.  She’s German, she has two grown children and she is always very friendly.  I like her.  She exudes health and positive energy.

We had a great conversation about Handel’s Messiah and our traditions during the Christmas Holiday.  She keeps it simple and we agreed it was important not to get wrapped up in the silliness of the season.

She looked at me, face beaming, and said, “I love this time of the year, such a happy time.  It’s just so snappy.”  Interesting choice of words.

After I was done killing myself in spin class, I thought about our conversation and my jacket.  It’s really a cool jacket, but it’s snappy and maybe I’m afraid of being too snappy.  My Saturday spin lady is super snappy all the time.  She’s a gem and because of her I will reconsider my jacket.

Maybe I need to be willing and open to happiness, giddy, fun and snap.  It’s possible I’m reluctant to the snaps because somewhere I believe it’s too much or someone will look at me and wonder who the hell I think I am wearing that many snaps.

I’m going to put that jacket on all season until the snaps become my new norm.

My thoughts from the laundry room.  Rise and Shine.

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  1. I’m doing my best; I’m fully aware that this is definitely NOT my holiday (I don’t think I have one), and I’m working hard not to piss on everybody else’s holly-jolliness. But I can feel the depression settling in.

    Speaking of snaps, I hate it when people, noticing my mood, tell me “C’mon, Ron.; snap out of it.” Easy for them to say.

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