Wrap Around Skirt

I like to wrap presents.  It’s my favorite part of gift giving.

There’s nothing like finding that perfect gift, but some years nothing really clicks.  The wrapping is what’s consistent for me.  The time spent putting together a surprise for someone is always special. The details say something and I have been know to create a masterpiece around a simple pair of slippers.

I used to hate gift cards and then I realized it’s because there’s nothing to wrap.  I give gift cards now, because they really can’t be avoided, and there is satisfaction in knowing your friend or loved one gets to pick something out.  Every time I spend a gift card it feels like getting things for free. It’s fun, but I digress.  Where was I?

Oh right, gift cards.  They are boring to wrap, so I put them with something.  I will get an item from the store, something small, and then put the gift card in the box so I have more to work with. I like the way the presents look under the tree and I enjoy giving someone a wrapped gift.

It says, “I took the time”, “I thought of you when I chose the paper and this ribbon.”

I hope my family and friends enjoy their gifts too, but what’s wrapped around them will last long after they are spent or used.  Wrapping isn’t just paper that will be discarded.  The wrapping is the hug, the kissy face, the laugh, or the wink.

It’s the best.

My thoughts from the laundry room.  Bundle Up.

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  1. I love love finding the perfect gift for somebody– I put way too much time into it that it may in fact be a selfish act 😉 And I too love wrapping. Which I will be doing tonight! Glad to find someone who shares this odd enjoyment.

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