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  Changing habits and challenging established expectations is stressful stuff, but this is my year. All the wrapping will be recycled or reusable, and all of my gifts will be local or handmade by small shops via Etsy. I will not purchase one gift from a big store. This year and every year after, I am doing…

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New Wrap

I usually get lost in Christmas. The shopping is especially whirly for me.  I ask my children for lists, ideas, and then I set about buying most of the things they think they need, as if Christmas is the only time I will ever be able to buy them new socks or a cozy sweater.  I’m…

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Wrap Around Skirt

I like to wrap presents.  It’s my favorite part of gift giving. There’s nothing like finding that perfect gift, but some years nothing really clicks.  The wrapping is what’s consistent for me.  The time spent putting together a surprise for someone is always special. The details say something and I have been know to create…

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