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Jack sprained his paw running around and barking at the coyotes that like to hang by our back fence. The fence is tall enough to keep them out, but he’s protective of his home, his humans, that way.

So, he’s been a bit limpy lately.

I was diagnosed with a bit of cancer in my right breast. It is early stages, and I could kiss the radiologist all over his lovely bald head. I am certainly going to be in some yucky pain for a while, but I will live.

It is my responsibility to keep perspective and remember that so many people did not, and will not, have the same experience.

So, I am feeling fortunate. I am the “reason people get mammograms,” as my radiologist put it when he showed me my pictures. I am proof that those pesky appointments are more than a pink ribbon or a sticker. They are a reminder that we are all human, with the tremendous benefit of technology.

Honestly, does anyone ever want to stand in those gowns and smush her bits about? No.

But I did it. A brilliant doctor found the little fuckers. One biopsy later, and I will meet with the breast surgeon next week.

I am writing this today, two days after the news because I am my solid joyful self at this moment.

In the coming days, weeks, months I will not always feel this way.

I will stumble around in the unknown, the fear, and the pain of it all. I will inevitably forget some crucial lessons The Stoics have taught me. I might even have a couple of pity parties as I move along.

So, I want it here in the Laundry Room that I am grateful, fortunate, and strong. Any other emotions I will feel or stories I will tell myself are only allowed a few minutes before I kick them out of my yard.

And… the horoscope did say that the end of October could bring a health scare. Just saying.

My thoughts from the laundry room. Side Sleeper.


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  1. Please understand that my act of clicking the “Like” button only refers to your positive attitude and outlook, not the discovery of the anomaly. Posvibes in the airways, headed your way. Ommmm.

  2. Am so happy the mammogram found the “lump”–I’ll think positive thoughts for you. The medical part of the whole process combined with all the positive vibes from your readers and me, will blast anything alien into the stratosphere. Cancer research has come a long way over the past decade and even in the last 5 years with a lot of women who are survivors and thriving. . . .

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