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It is the first day of October, still in the vibes of the last new moon, and I am mad inspired.

I have done my Lumosity brain-training and my crossword puzzle for fifteen days in a row. My first Peloton ride of the new month done (Thank you, Alex). And… I might just finish my latest first draft without killing myself at the last minute.

I am on a roll. And yes, I just knocked on wood and crossed my fingers because I am also a bit superstitious.

I am not a pessimist, who is always looking over my shoulder for the bad, but I do believe in energy and not tempting the fates if it can be avoided.

Example: I do not buy electronics when Mercury is in retrograde. Ever.

Full reveal: I don’t do much of anything when Mercury is retrograde, save lying low. I do not mess with Mercury. Ever.

The universe has been around a long time. It is bigger and more powerful than my little life will ever be, so I am respectful. I pay attention.

When I share my thoughts on Mercury or a new moon, eyes often roll.

It surprises me that people are quick to believe in a “higher power,” but scoff at astrology or anything to do with the vastness hovering right above us all the time. I want to say, “The moon controls the tides,” but I’m not about convincing anyone.

Similar to The Stoics, the stars work for me. That doesn’t mean they have to work for everyone, but it is rarely easy to go against trend.

Yes, by trend I mean mainstream religion.

Maybe the seriousness of the stars was reduced once horoscopes made their way to the back of newspapers or more recently into cartoony apps that promise, “the best day ever!”

Nancy Reagan caught flak for consulting the universe, but no one balks if a first lady bows her head to pray. I have never understood why we discard or make fun of “higher powers” no longer in fashion.

It used to be mainstream to believe in multiple gods.

Back in the day, if it didn’t rain, everyone was sure that one of those gods was pissed. Venus was born of the sea foam and Athena came out of Zeus’s head. People knew that like they knew their own name.

Scholars and philosophers looked to the sky for answers, decisions were made. Stars were vital.

So why is Mercury’s retrograde cast-off as mumbo-jumbo now?

Didn’t the currently on-trend wise men follow a star? How is Venus on her half-shell any different from the parting of the Red Sea?

Most importantly, why are some people so invested in where and how others find strength? Energy, “higher power,” God or gods are not based on things we can prove. So why all the indignation for those of us with stars in our eyes?

Who does it hurt if some people look up and others bow down? There should be plenty of room for Pluto and St. Peter without mocking or picking sides.

Unless who or how we worship is about control, power, and money.

Unless every “believer” is another app subscription or a few more bills in a parish pocket.

Wouldn’t it be awful if “higher power” has become a commodity susceptible to flashy bumper stickers and bandwagon influence?

I guess that would explain all the fire and brimstone over market share.

My thoughts from the laundry room. Twinkle, Twinkle.

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  1. I have always been wary of people who need strict rules to follow to tell them if they’re being saintly enough. That seems something that should be built into us, like radar.

  2. My dad predicted that one day all the religions would merge, that everyone would accept the differences and simply believe in a higher power. I’m all for acceptance. Great post, Tracy.

  3. As for me: All Powers are Higher Powers. I only endure, record as best I can, and retire.

    I always enjoy my visits to The Laundry room. Thanks

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