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Pill-Box Hat

It is the first day of October, still in the vibes of the last new moon, and I am mad inspired. I have done my Lumosity brain-training and my crossword puzzle for fifteen days in a row. My first Peloton ride of the new month done (Thank you, Alex). And… I might just finish my…

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Should we reconstruct our vaginas or simply steam them on the regular? More importantly, is it still a vagina or should I be calling it a vulva? I read a handful of seemingly adult humans—or maybe adult is an outdated term since we are all just children-at-heart adulting while striving for our daily steps circle…

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On The Line

Someone sent me a video. Not that kind of video. Get your head out of the gutter. I think it was baby seals or a puppy? Anyway, it doesn’t matter. The point is I had to turn the sound on my phone back on. I forgot to turn it off again and later in the…

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