Pink Headband

I forget sometimes.

I suppose we all do, but that’s really not an excuse.  It seems that until something effects you personally it’s just another charity or cause.  Something else we need to give to or think about in our already crazy and often overwhelming lives.  Once it hits home then there’s a personal story.  It’s not just a disease, it’s real and tangible, scary and heartbreaking.

My grandmother died of breast cancer when I was very young.  My mother, thankfully, does not have nor has she ever been diagnosed with cancer and I’ve never lost a friend to cancer. I’ve heard of people fighting cancer or that have passed away and I know it’s out there but those near and dear to me are safe, at least for right now, and I am ashamed to say, I forget.

This post is to help me remember.  I love that music can do that.

For all of the women that fight for another day, a moment of normalcy, a life they so richly deserve, for the families of those that have lost the fight, for Liz Schrader.  I will try not to forget.

That’s all from the laundry room tonight.  Rest.

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