Fingerless Gloves

Some lovely gentleman flipped me off yesterday. His mother must be very proud.

I was driving my children to swim which is like fighting a battle, but I’m on Scottsdale Road so it’s a battle with Escalades and sports cars.

I’m in the fast lane, which I don’t care who you are or where you are that is the lane on the left. Fast cars pass on the left, so if you are in the far left lane you better be moving along.

This guy, was in my lane and could not make up his mind where he wanted to turn so he was crawling and I suppose I was following a little too close behind, but Maggie and Cotter need to be to swim by 4 and seconds count.

He finally decided where the hell he was going and turned without a signal. Now he’s just trying to annoy me.

As I passed him, he paused from turning and flipped me off. His middle finger was very large so he was clearly telling me where to go.

I smiled at him. Rather than do the crazy driver tirade where you throw your hands up in the air and flail around, I just smiled.

It was kind of funny. I haven’t been flipped off in a while. Maggie and Cotter thought it was hysterical. The story was told again at dinner, so it must have been a good one.

On Tuesday, someone broke into our house. Yeah, not such a funny story.

I’ll never understand how someone can walk right past pictures of our family hanging on our walls and help themselves to our things.

They busted through our side door and stole some things that can never be replaced. More than what they took, the violation is what upsets me the most.

People I don’t know were in my house, going through my things and my children’s things. Makes me angry.

We’ve worked hard for our life and people should not take things that do not belong to them. I know that sounds juvenile and naive, but it’s true.

The guy that flipped me off was…expressing himself. Kind of tacky, but maybe he was having a really bad day and some lady riding his ass with the last straw. I’ll cut him some slack.

The people that broke into our home, violated the place where our family sleeps and we celebrate our life…shame on you.

That’s all from the laundry room. Deep Breaths.

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  1. Scary! I would definitely feel violated if our home was broken into…violated and freaked out. Glad everyone is safe!

    As for the flipping off. Meh. I laugh, as does my husband, as these road raging people. We’ll all GET there eventually….right?

    • Thank you for the comment. I visited your blog as well and really enjoyed. Congratulations on your pending little one and Tim’s photographs are sensational.

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