There’s no question Michael will not be please with this post or this picture.  He’s private, but it had do be done.  It’s a milestone.

This past Saturday Michael turned 40.  I’ve known him for 24 of those years.

He’s bigger now, hairier, he tucks his shirts in and I can’t remember the last time Michael wore a baseball hat.  He wears a visor now.

He’s gentler and yet so much stronger, his face looks a bit older, but his smile and crazy sense of humor are the same.  He still makes this face.

Michael’s a man of great responsibility and he’s overcome some fairly large obstacles in his life, made his share of mistakes, and yet he’s managed to keep his optimism.

I met him when we were 16.  We were friends.  We started dating when we were 19 and we married at 21.

When I married him I knew, just knew, my life would never be boring.  He’s a handful and has not always been the easiest man to be married to, but as predicted, he’s never boring.

So few women can say they’ve watched their husbands grow up, but I truly have.

When Michael was younger he was a tornado, non-stop and sometimes destructive.  As we got older together I knew if I could hang on there was something really incredible happening.

Michael is one of the great men in this world.  I’m lucky to have spent most of my life with him.

At 40, he knows he’s fortunate, works hard, really sees…knows his children, and makes me laugh like no one else.  He listens and he doesn’t lie.  In fact, he’s brutally honest sometimes.

At the same time he gives the worst back rubs, can be a bit of a know it all, he’s full of all these ridiculous “life” rules, and is relentless when it comes to getting people to see things his way. Lest you think him perfect.

Michael and I started a journey the first day I met him and to see him turn 40 was really something.  He’s a grown man, but if I catch him at just the right time I still see the guy in this picture.

Happy Birthday, Michael.

That’s all from the laundry room.  Wake up for Breakfast.

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