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Reef Flip Flops

I was in the bathroom at Starbucks this morning. I was, well doing what you do in a bathroom and looking at my toes. I was thinking that I was happy I have a pedicure scheduled tomorrow because I was at Huntington Lake in a cabin last week. Hmm…this probably sounds a bit strange. Let…

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There’s no question Michael will not be please with this post or this picture.  He’s private, but it had do be done.  It’s a milestone. This past Saturday Michael turned 40.  I’ve known him for 24 of those years. He’s bigger now, hairier, he tucks his shirts in and I can’t remember the last time…

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Silk Pillow Case

I read and article that women should sleep on their back and always on a silk pillow case.  The silk keeps your hair from tangling and breaking and you sleep on your back so you don’t mush your face into the pillow and cause wrinkles. Yeah, I sleep on my stomach, face full on mashed…

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