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Clean Lines

Lower it up. When my children were younger if they wanted the music or a movie turned up they would say, “Lower it up, please.”  It started with our oldest daughter and the phrase was handed down to the other two.  My youngest still slips up and says it now and then.  I love the…

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Leather Pants

One hundred and eighty-six in the world.  Everyone has his or her own definitions of badass, exceptional, above the curve…rockstar. This would be one of mine. That’s all from the laundry room.  Sleep Foam Memory Bed.

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Expensive Shirt

I’m a little in love with Kai Ryssdal. It’s not a creepy fan love because I’m always a reluctant fan, but I have feelings for him.  Yes, he is an attractive guy, and yes he has a smooth lovely radio voice, but it’s not that kind of love. I love that he’s smart and accomplished…

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School Clothes

Remember who you are.  Work hard and be open to new friends.  Have fun.  I love you very much. Every year, on the first day of school, I put a note in my childrens’ lunch.  My son is a junior in high school and while his note is a very small index card shoved way…

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Hidden Pocket

If you mix an egg white and citrus in a drink, the acid sort of cooks the egg white and makes the drink creamy and yummy. I did not know that. I suppose I knew meringue is a similar concept, but I’d never seen an egg white put into a cocktail.  I like surprises.  Not…

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Extra Small

I don’t need a gun. I mean, it’s not really a right I feel passionately about which sounds odd because I should feel passionately about all my rights.  Once one right is taken away, we are always told, that leads to a slippery slope and before we know it all rights are gone and it’s…

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Colorful Load

When Michael and I were younger we decided to go on the road. By on the road, I mean we put our stuff in storage, bought a motor home, packed up a then two year old Katlyn and went on the road. How did we make a living? No, we were not in a rock…

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Spiky Heels

Is it possible for anyone to get tired of looking at the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty? I mean if you live by these wonders, or if you drive past Niagara Falls on your way to work, if you pass The Arc de Triomphe each day, do you always look in wonder? I’ve…

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Business Casual

Parenting. It’s like a really long orientation period for a pretty important job.  The parent is the seasoned employee, the one that knows how things work and has been around for a while. The child is the newbie, the one that just came on the scene and presumably knows nothing. Similar to a new job,…

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