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Worn Out Sneakers

Over the last few months I’ve heard a couple of stories, other than the ones in the media, about young people taking their lives. Ending before they even started.  As a grown woman it breaks my heart.  As a parent it scares the crap out of me. Life is hard and there are times that…

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Express Wash

Patience is something I do not have… I am not a patient person and there has been some fallout. I am not a good cook. I cook everything on high and I rush putting the meal together because I do not have patience. My children look at me sometimes like I am a raving lunatic…

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Mismatched Socks

There are times, fortunately not often, but times none the less when I am overwhelmed with sadness.  Days or moments when the world seems unfair.  I used to be a very optimistic person, naive and optimistic, but now I find that I am learning to expect nothing and that bad things happen.  Even now the…

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