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If I lived in Paris, I would never close the windows. The traffic noise below my apartment would become the soundtrack of my early mornings, my lazy afternoons, and my midnight snacks. My apartment would be old with generations of white paint, brass knobs, and creaky floors. During winter or rain, I’d make tea in…

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Leather Pants

One hundred and eighty-six in the world. ¬†Everyone has his or her own definitions of badass, exceptional, above the curve…rockstar. This would be one of mine. That’s all from the laundry room. ¬†Sleep Foam Memory Bed.

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Spilled Wine

Wine Library TV. This guy is great. He recently appeared on Conan O’Brian and while I have to say the show was a little silly and did not do him the service he deserves everyone should check out his site. It is a great resource for wine reviews, however subjective, and if you are not…

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