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Lots of counting, tracking, and numbers this month. The United States just turned 239 years old.  This blog has been around for eight years this month.  Jack Jack Cutie Face will be one year old tomorrow and on the very last day of July 2015, I will be forty-four. I’m not sure what any of this means,…

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Guess Overalls

Michael and I met our junior year in high school, 1988.  I used Aqua Net for my awesome bangs, he wore Vans and we both rolled our jeans. Michael transferred to our school and when he arrived a few of my friends were pretty excited.  New guy, kind of preppy, sounded like the same giddy…

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Wedding Dress

I’ve been married 18 years as of last weekend.  For some reason this year hit me.  It just seems crazy that I’ve been married to the same man for 18 years.  For a lot of people that seems perfectly normal.  I mean after all you do get married to stay together forever, right?   Apparently…

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