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Keyhole Sweater

I like old keys. I always have. I also have a fascination with hotel silverware, but that’s a different post. There’s the obvious symbolism of a key. It represents the entree into something precious, locked away, private. Writers have used phrases like “the key to my heart”, “key to life”, or “keys to the past”…

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Yellow Bedspread

Van Gogh never sold one painting while he was alive. Unless you count the one his brother bought, which really doesn’t count. A lifetime, short as it was, without selling one painting. Forget the monetary gain or the fact that he lived off people his whole life. What fascinates me is there’s no pat on…

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Shocking Colors

  Pablo Picasso, Three Musicians, 1921. The status quo is comfortable and people tend to gravitate toward what they understand and can logically get their head around.  Change can be scary and pulls into question “What will happen now?”  Change in politics or society can effect people’s lives in often dramatic ways.  I understand the…

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