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Pink Pockets

When I was young, my mom and I moved to New York to take care of my Nannie who had breast cancer. My Nan fought like hell, and we spent a good bit of time in Bronxville. We lived in a one-bedroom apartment, which was part of a big yellow house that had four or…

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I went to my junior prom with the son of my mom’s friend from work. Now that’s a mouthful and a pretty decent title for a sad, angsty coming of age movie. But I did go to the prom with, Jon or John, I’m not sure how he spelled it because after spending one incredibly…

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Strong Fibers

I have only been scared a handful of times in my life.  Of those, I was only terrified once. I’ve stood up for my family or friends, but I’ve never moved a mountain, led a cause.  I’m not sure one has presented itself to me.  I’m certain I have never sought one out.  I’ve never…

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