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I need to manage my mind. It’s a bit like Grand Central Station up there these days and since I can’t keep things quiet, I tried gathering. Last week, I herded thoughts into similar groups and then willed them to line up single file. I figured if I could get all of it to hold…

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Dirty Laundry

  We have a well at our house.  We get our water from the ground. For those of you that I have lost already, don’t think Laura Ingalls gathering with a bucket type of well.  Think big electric box thing and a huge tank that fills with water.  That water is then pumped into our…

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Wool Blanket

Bah, bah, black sheep have you any wool? I woke up this morning with those words running through my mind.  I’m pretty sure this could be the first step on the slippery slope to the crazy house. My brain kept saying it over and over again, while I made lunches, got dressed and even while…

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