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Know Your Fabrics

A giraffe’s heart is two feet long and can weigh up to 25 pounds. I subscribe to this magazine called Mental Floss.  It’s fun and there are all of these neato facts.  This past issue was called “Big Questions!”  It included things like, Who invented the word twitter?  (Chaucer, in case you’re interested.) and why we have eyebrows.…

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Feather Skirt

I spent my thirty minute tea time on Pinterest this morning.  Which means I feel like I should travel more, workout more, buy a Frenchie now and get married again, but this time at a vineyard with a long flowing gown. For the most part, Pinterest is a catalyst for inadequacy, a waste of time,…

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Expensive Shirt

I’m a little in love with Kai Ryssdal. It’s not a creepy fan love because I’m always a reluctant fan, but I have feelings for him.  Yes, he is an attractive guy, and yes he has a smooth lovely radio voice, but it’s not that kind of love. I love that he’s smart and accomplished…

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