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I woke early this morning. I am puppy sitting for my oldest’s new addition, so it was cold blue, silent early. I used to be a night person. Those were the hours everyone was asleep, and I could be with myself, my thoughts. Early morning was never my jam, but I moved in with a…

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Off the Shoulders

For my father on Father’s Day. I forgive you.  It’s okay. I’m letting go because that is what is best for me.  The weight of it, the lack of story, tradition, history, has simply become too heavy for me to carry any longer. I’m not sure when pain started attaching itself to me. When the missed, ignored and forgotten became…

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Short Shorts

Michael started reading Shel Silverstein with Katlyn when she was little.  They tried Harry Potter, but Katlyn was bored, so he moved on to Where The Sidewalk Ends.  Katlyn is twenty and she now owns all of Shel Silverstein’s books, even the bad one about the rabbit.  They still reference Shel’s stories in conversation, it’s like…

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