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I woke early this morning. I am puppy sitting for my oldest’s new addition, so it was cold blue, silent early. I used to be a night person. Those were the hours everyone was asleep, and I could be with myself, my thoughts. Early morning was never my jam, but I moved in with a…

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XL Twin Sheets

  There have been moments in my life when I have missed the joy. Raising three children can be a blur of responsibility, expectation, and endless compromise. While there are lazy Sunday moments, so much of it is confusing, terrifying, and exhausting. It would be foolish to say that I packed every lunch with care…

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  I don’t think my daughter ever played dress-up. She had some gypsy stuff and leftover Halloween costume props that would surface as perfectly acceptable school accessories, but she never walked around in my heels or wanted to wear my work clothes. Now I know why. Katlyn is my oldest and today she turns twenty-three.…

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