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Care Label

Hiking to Machu Picchu was not magical.  I did not return with great wisdom, a spiritual awakening or the mysteries of life solved. I guess life is not like the movies, although I would still love to have a soundtrack playing as I live out the rest of my days if that ever becomes an…

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Alpaca Sweater

Paris is that beautiful girl in high school.  The one with the piercing eyes surrounded by abnormally thick, dark, eyelashes.  The girl with the great wardrobe and the older boyfriend that always picks her up after school.  Paris is stunning, sweeping and yet no one really knows her.  She’s distant and a bit untouchable. Peru…

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Perfect Pants

Never has choosing a pair of pants seemed so important. The trek to Machu Picchu is now three weeks away and I have read everything I possibly can on packing tips and the like.  Some say travel pants, some say workout pants, others swear by those ones that zip into shorts.  I’m literally sweating about…

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