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Expensive Shirt

I’m a little in love with Kai Ryssdal. It’s not a creepy fan love because I’m always a reluctant fan, but I have feelings for him. ¬†Yes, he is an attractive guy, and yes he has a smooth lovely radio voice, but it’s not that kind of love. I love that he’s smart and accomplished…

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I don’t like war. I’m smart enough to know violence appears necessary these days, but I don’t have to like it. It would be a wonderful thing if things could be worked out some other way, but I’m past 40 and…I’m just not that naive anymore. I may have to accept war for now, but…

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Bring On the Stains

I was listening to NPR yesterday and they were doing a story on robots and how they can now be used as security guards and even soldiers. It was a very interesting piece on an up and coming technology, but it freaked me out. This man was talking about how these robots feel no pain,…

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