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Boat Neck

This boat sits in the marina by my home. I walk by three times a day with Jack. At night, the warm light within makes it special. A man sits at the small table inside and works on a large wooden boat model. Jack and I slow to glance over every evening. The man sits…

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Omit Needless Words. This phrase hangs in my office as a reminder while I’m writing.  Lately, I’m thinking Strunk and White didn’t just write The Elements of Style, they wrote The Elements of Life. Place yourself in the background.  Write in a way that comes naturally.  Do not overstate.  Do not explain too much.   It’s all…

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Free Alterations

I went to the library on Thursday. It’s hard to fully describe this experience, but here goes. I haven’t been to a library in years.  I think I had forgotten all about places like libraries.  Maggie has swim now at a different pool two days a week.  We went early so I could get my…

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