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There are beings in this life that make the journey easier. They provide companionship and quiet comfort without strings.  They push you, mess you up, and leave hair everywhere. They only want the basics and you, just as you are, are always enough. Good energy, hard work, patience.  Jack will be ten months on Wednesday. Life is…

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Yellow Bandana

I don’t have much to say today. In fact, my mind is bogged down in the fictional world of Candidate: A Love Story.  The manuscript is due by 11/23.  That’s ten days…as the guy from that show Cake Boss says, “I don’t know how we’re gonna do it.” I passed frazzled on Monday.  It was…

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Some people never find the right person.  Wonderful, solid relationships elude them due to their own issues, timing, or their choice of partner.  Broken hearts travel through life wishing, wondering what it will take to have what everyone else seems to have found. I’ve spent my life feeling this way about dogs.  My past is littered…

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