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House Dress

It is cold and late. I can hear the owls from my office. I often push the knowledge that life is fragile down deep somewhere around the equally unproductive “Why are we here?” and “That saguaro and most of these trees will outlive me.” We get an undetermined number of days in this life, and…

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Gossamer Curtains

Silence. It is very quiet where I live.  I have a clock in my office and there are days when all I hear is a light tick and the tapping of computer keys.  I love those days. I like loud music, laughter, lively conversation, just as much as the next person, but silence is a…

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Free Alterations

I went to the library on Thursday. It’s hard to fully describe this experience, but here goes. I haven’t been to a library in years.  I think I had forgotten all about places like libraries.  Maggie has swim now at a different pool two days a week.  We went early so I could get my…

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