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Heavy Coat

Set me free.  Leave me be.  I don’t want to fall another moment in your gravity. There are songs that touch me as a human being and then there are songs that touch me as a woman.  This song is one of those songs.  I’m sure there are men out there that feel this song,…

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Sexy Things

My children show me things on YouTube all the time.  I will admit that I laughed at the little ducks being blown over by the gust of wind, but so much of it is garbage and sort of disturbing.  The woman singing “sittin on a toilet” is reason alone to never go on YouTube again.…

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Red Flannel

I love you, but I’ll leave you.  I don’t want you, but I need you… Colder weather…dark early mornings, sweaters, holidays, the fireplace, socks and family. That’s what I look forward to every year. This song is painfully beautiful and for some expensive therapy reason it reminds me that my father never showed up to…

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Unraveling Hem

Hold on, hold on to yourself…this is gonna hurt like hell. Her lyrics are so pure that they actually pull at my soul some times. This is one of those songs and her voice is perfect.  Enjoy. That’s all from the laundry room.  Breathe.

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Tumble Dry

Come pick me up, take me out, f#@k me up, steal my records… Ryan Adams is fantastic, although every time I see him perform I want to brush the bangs off his face.  He has exquisite eyes, so maybe the hair is his secret. It’s Saturday, my house is quite, I just had Chicken Tandoori…

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