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I’ve never been…”in”, “hip”, naturally cool.  In college, I really wanted to hang out in a coffee shop with the rest of the drama department, smoke, read antiquated Russian novels and drink coffee…really strong black coffee. I physically can’t smoke, I suppose I’m happy now that I’m not a smoker, but at the time I…

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Prom Dress

I despise Walmart on a level that is really not healthy, it actually scares some people.  I truly believe they represent everything that is wrong with our country. They are the Death Star!  I will not shop there and I tell everyone I know that they are contributing to the downfall of America if they……

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Cold Water with Like Colors

“What are the directions?” I asked my 7 year old daughter when she told me we needed to do a Book Mobile for her reading book Chocolate Fever. She replied that there were no instructions she was just supposed to put pictures and fun things from the book on paper and tape them to a…

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