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House Dress

It is cold and late. I can hear the owls from my office. I often push the knowledge that life is fragile down deep somewhere around the equally unproductive “Why are we here?” and “That saguaro and most of these trees will outlive me.” We get an undetermined number of days in this life, and…

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If I were a seamstress, I would work in the theater. My hair would be long, wavy, and tucked into a bun with those sticks, or maybe an ornate pin. I would wear tunic tops and gaucho pants, but not linen. It’s too heavy and it wrinkles. I’d smell like roses and tobacco. If I…

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Spiky Heels

Is it possible for anyone to get tired of looking at the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty? I mean if you live by these wonders, or if you drive past Niagara Falls on your way to work, if you pass The Arc de Triomphe each day, do you always look in wonder? I’ve…

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