Knit Cap

Our family was in Prague last November. It is everything you hear and more. A magnificent place. Sections frozen in time right next to a growing and progressive city. Wonderful!

While we were there my daughter picked out a knit hat with ear flaps and the strings that hang down. It is rainbow colored and a little unconventional. I bought it for her and she wore that hat the entire trip. She put it on first thing in the morning and walked out of our apartment knowing for certain she was the greatest person in the world. Confidence oozes out of my daughter and this hat was her way of saying to the world “I stand out.”

As people get older they tend to use other things to let the world know they are special, or they stand out. Expensive jewelry, big houses, or exclusive clubs. When all of these things are purchased and displayed for friends and family do they work? Do people feel special or like the world is “seeing” them?

My guess is these pursuits, while fun and enjoyable hold false promises. However, I hope in these same houses, in the back of a drawer somewhere there is a knit hat or a crazy scarf that if these adults were to slip it on before a cocktail party would scream louder than anything else “Here I am and I am so special!!”

I have saved my daughter’s hat and I will make sure it leaves with her as she enters the world.

Those are my thoughts from the laundry room tonight.


Sleep with your hat on!!

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