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I’m famous for saying, “I would love to live Seattle.”  “I could live in London in a minute.  The rain doesn’t bother me.” “I don’t know why I live in this damn state.  I would move in a minute.”

Today was the first sunny day we have had in Phoenix, Arizona for quite some time. This has been a really wet winter and the last couple of weeks have been exceptionally rainy and dreary.

I didn’t think it bothered me, I’m a “rain person” after all, but today was a beautiful spring day.  The sun was warm and everything felt like it was coming back to life.  It was wonderful and there was not a storm cloud in the sky and…I loved it.  I appreciated it and I was happy that I didn’t  live in Seattle or London.

Even though the rain doesn’t bother me, I don’t have to live with it everyday. Because I live in Arizona, where there are so many days of sunshine, I take it for granted.  I tell myself and others that I could and would love to live where it is overcast and rainy.  “I’m not a sun person.”  That’s what I say. Well, I was a sun person today. After so much rain I was happy that the sun was out and that I lived in Arizona.

My husband went out of town this weekend for a sailing race in California.  We spend a lot of time together, so I was thinking I would enjoy the time alone.  There are times I think, “I could live alone, I could be single.”  “Being married can sometimes be all consuming.”  While I loved that he was off doing something he enjoys and I did appreciate some time to myself.  I missed him.  I’m glad he is home and I would never by choice want to live alone.

Sometimes we are so busy looking at what we don’t have, or would change about our lives that we miss what “is.”

People that live in big cities complain about pollution and congestion, they forget about the energy and the culture.  People in small towns can’t wait to get out, they forget about the close community and the joy of simplicity.  Married people envy their single friends, they forget what it’s like to sleep alone or have years of memories in common. Single people think just being married will solve all of their problems, they forget the pleasures of a life focused on good friends and their own pursuits.

What’s that saying?  We always want what we don’t have.  I would say that because we forget what we have we are often times quick to want a trade-in for what we think is better.

Tonight, I’m thrilled that I live in the magnificent state of Arizona and I am so happy Michael is home.  I’ll do my best to remember.

That’s all from the laundry room.  Snuggle!

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