The mystery has been revealed.  The answer I’ve been looking for, straight from Costco themselves, appeared to me today as I was being prodded through the line with the rest of the cattle.

I don’t quite get “Also, marking the receipt disallows its reuse.”  Is this a real problem?

How the hell do you even reuse a receipt?  I wouldn’t know where to begin.

But, at least I know I was not alone when I posted Hanes Her Way back in 2007. Enough people must question this receipt ritual that they felt it necessary to make a sign.

All is right with the world.  Michael has a thing for the little Japanese checkout lady at our Costco.  She wears little American Flags on her socks, but that’s a whole other post.

I had a root canal this week, so that’s all from the laundry room.

Never Take Vicodin on an Empty Stomach!  Sleep Well!

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