Honesty…sometimes that’s a tough one.  I’m not talking about blatant lies like, “I used to be an Olympic downhill skier.”

I struggle with everyday little white lies like, “Really, I can’t even see that zit.”  How can I tell the person, “You know, that really is bad and it just sort of jumps right off your face.”  I can’t, I need to be nice and therefore I lie.  I tell her it looks fine and she’s fine.

I appease.

Husbands and wives do it all the time, friends do it, parents do it with their children, so there’s nothing wrong with telling little white lies and settling things down for a while. Right?

When it comes to the big stuff I tell the truth…most of the time.

There’ve been a few times when I did fib a little about some pretty big things, but that was just because I didn’t want to get someone really upset.  In the end, the lies came back to get me, so what was the point really?

I just can’t help myself.  Can’t imagine telling the truth all the time.  That would mean you would have to honestly say, “I find you and your husband incredibly boring and I don’t want to come to your party.”  That’s the truth, so if I promise to always tell the truth I can’t just say, “We’re busy that weekend.”  I’ve tried to be honest all the time and more times than not, it just comes out as mean or really not friendly at all.

I don’t tell big lies…I’m an honest person, but there are so many things in this life that really don’t matter, so I lie…come up with an excuse…is that the same thing?

My thoughts from the laundry room.  Finishing my next book, so I’m a bad blogger and must neglect.

Traffic…always a good excuse (lie) for being late to work.  Sleep in!

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