Black and Navy

Life is…well, it’s interesting.  I’m pretty comfortable with the idea of reincarnation.  It makes sense that our soul would come back after our body gets tired and dies.

I’ve had that feeling that I’ve “known someone before” and I’m not just talking about my odd attraction to Brett Favre.

Of all the after death theories, I’m going to go with reincarnation.

But recently I’m thinking we live multiple lives right here in this one incarnation.  I’m not the person I was twenty years ago.  There was nothing wrong with her, but she was different.  My life was different.

On the surface, aging is not something to get excited about.  Physically there’s no real upside and mentally it’s harder to stay positive once you have more information.

It was easier when I was younger and still believed in just about everything and everyone.  The examined life is a bit more work.  So, I’m trying to find the positive to getting older and here’s what I was thinking as I froze my ass off watching Cotter’s swim meet…

If I’m different than I was when I was twenty, then I could maybe get excited about who I’ll be when I’m sixty.  Sort of like another life or a different movie.

When I look at where I was when I was twenty and how much I have grown in those years, that’s a little thrilling.  I loved the Twenty Me, but I’ve figured some things out since then and wouldn’t want to go back to her.

So give me another twenty years and just think of the things I will have experienced, the places I will have been and the things I will have thought about.  Assuming of course that I don’t go absolutely stark raving mad and begin living my life outside a Starbucks talking to a menagerie of Beanie Babies.  You never know…

Provided things go well, I can get excited about the Sixty Me.  It’s sort of like watching a really good preview of a movie you’re dying to see where they give you just enough information to make you put that opening date on your calendar.  That’s a little awkward if I’m the only one that does that, but moving on.

The Sixty Me will be different than I am right now.  She will have grown children, she may even know what it’s like to have a grandchild.  Maybe she’ll play an instrument or maybe she’ll decided it’s alright to wear colors other than black and navy.  See what I mean?  It’s a preview and I’m starting to think I want to see the movie.

I’m not a fan of living in the past.  I do have my favorite movies I like to revisit from time to time, but I really like a good trailer and the anticipation of a new and exciting story.

When I was younger I never liked beans and now I eat, most of them, all the time.

The Forty Me has some issues that maybe The Sixty Me will have worked out.

This could go either way though and I could end up with the Beanie Babies.  I guess that’s what makes me want to see the movie and hope for the best.

I wonder if anyone else at the swim meet was wondering the same thing?

My thoughts from the laundry room.  Big Day Tomorrow.

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