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Pinterest is like cereal. It’s probably not good for me or the best use of my time, and it’s full of empty calories, but I don’t give a crap I’m eating the whole box.

I love it. I told Michael it was a stress reliever, to which he said, “You must be really stressed.” Funny guy.

I can pin anywhere, anytime and my boards have given birth to new boards.

Now, I write books and need inspiration, so that’s a really legitimate excuse. However, I’m pretty sure I’m never going to write a book about shoes, so not too sure how to justify that board. Moving on…

I read this quote the other day that said something like, “May your marriage be as beautiful as your wedding.” I didn’t pin it, but as I paged through the endless pages of wedding ideas and wedding dresses, I thought about that quote.

Weddings are lovely. I don’t even need to know the people getting married. We were at a hotel once for a swim meet and there was a wedding. I got so excited when I saw the bride, you’d have thought we were best friends.

The ceremonies, the dresses, the flowers…so whimsical, but comparing a wedding to a marriage seems like apples and oranges.

A marriage will never be as beautiful as a wedding. Somewhere between pinning the “must have” rain guy picture above and a fantastic pair of black shoes, I decided that quote was ridiculous.

Weddings are meant to be beautiful and special, but then the garters comes off and if the marriage is going to last it really needs to be so much more than just beautiful.

My thoughts from the laundry room. Beauty Rest.

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  1. I need to check out pinterest I guess. Marriage can be a choice on a daily basis. It is all about selfish me. If u feel good the marriage is good and good things come of it.

    • You will love it, of course there’s lots of crap, but at it’s best, it’s a virtual idea, inspiration board. It all comes down to who you follow because their pins are fed to you. There are lots of designers and architects. Might be fun for you to play. Thanks for your comment.

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