Book Sox

Maggie needed three Book Sox (visual aid above).

Material book covers in fancy colors, some of them have photo pockets and new this year…scratch and sniff cloth book covers.  Someone like me sees that and thinks, “Won’t that get all dirty and nasty if people are always scratching it?”

Anyway, I went to Office Max to buy these colorful pieces of nonsense.  They were not on the list so they were missed in the initial Shopping for School Supplies Epic Trilogy that happens every year in our house, so there I was just in the store to buy three simple cloth book covers.

There weren’t many to choose from, so I grabbed three different colors and paid.  The creepy man checking me out said something about two for $10.00 paper and how kids these days are never happy.  I smiled and turned to leave.  In and out in 5 minutes.

That’s when I saw the freestanding display of colorful and exciting Book Sox.  Maggie was not with me, but she jumped  into my head to say, “Oh Mom, these are way cooler than the nasty picked over ones you have in that bag.  Pleeeese.”

I chose three “way cooler”Sox and turned to square off with the creepy check out guy.  I explained twice that I wanted to return what I just bought and purchase these instead.  After wiping his mouth with the back of his hand he scanned my receipt, said, “Crap all!” and began talking into the little microphone dangling from his headset.

Apparently my receipt was too new to scan, so after two other people joined him at the register, I presented my ID and filled out a form with my name, address and signature, I was given a gift card for the three returned items.  I picked up the gift card to pay for the new ones and Creepy sort of slapped my hand and barked, “No!  I’ll run that when it’s time.”

I left the store with the better Book Sox a total of 25 minutes later while Creepy bellowed, “Looks like drive thru tonight for the kiddos, eh?”  I had a headache and the overwhelming feeling that I needed to wash my hands.  Here’s an important part, the price difference between the original purchase and the new one…$0.75.  All of that for $0.75.

I hike Squaw Peak (I know there’s a new name now, but I don’t care.) three times a week. I do it because it’s a pretty insane workout and it clears my mind.  I don’t think about anything other than getting up that mountain and getting back down in one piece.

I hike Squaw Peak so that on days like yesterday Creepy gets to live and I’m not hauled away in cuffs.

My thoughts from the laundry room.  No more nightmares.

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