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Lots of people write, or want to write or try to write.  When I used to sit in conference rooms, bored out of my mind, I’d pretend to write, but I guess that’s different.

Writing is one of those things that does not necessarily have to be creative.  We all do it in some form or another in our daily lives.  We make lists, write reports, fill out applications and forms…it’s all writing.

The creative form, that’s what I’m most interested in this weekend…why do people write creatively?  I’m sure there are a multitude of reasons, but I’ve been pondering my “why” and it may take me a lifetime to figure out.  With that, I may not even write for the same reasons at different points in my life.

I was not naturally drawn to writing.  I was a theatre major and for a long time it felt like that was going to be my creative outlet.  I’ve always been a bit…quirky, out there…odd, so I suppose I was destine to express myself creatively in one way or another, but nothing ever stood out.

I like words, but I haven’t always liked to read.  I’m really not sure where it all came from.  I didn’t keep a journal as a child.  I didn’t grow up in a large family of academics or dysfunction that provided material for my writing.

I’m a really bad speller.  I mean all things sort of pointed to crazy performance art or eating…I’m really great at eating and sometimes eating creatively.

So, why do I spend hours on end writing in my mind, typing things that don’t exist or thinking through scenes in my head?  Why do I have stories to tell?

My book is coming out soon and I feel like I should have some great swishy tale, kind of like “Why I Became a Writer” by Tracy Ewens.

All I can say is when I sit down and think about things, as all people do, I think of them in words, faces, characters, scenes, places and conversations.  Some people think about things and they come out through dance, facts, photography, statistics or even really great Powerpoint presentations.

Creativity can flow through taking apart an engine, cooking the perfect meal, designing clothes…you name it.  People are creative in vastly different ways, but suppose I’m a writer.

Maybe I don’t need to know why, but tonight it feels like I should have some answers.

My thoughts from the laundry room.  Up at Dawn.

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  1. Oh Jennifer, believe me you don’t want into this mind. Hahaha. Let all your words out and then go back and pick your favorites, the ones that most clearly say what you’re looking to say. Don’t hold them back or censure them in the beginning because you never know what’s waiting in line in your mind somewhere. Thank you for visiting and reading.

  2. Wow, I wish I could see how you think. I love writing and feel compelled to do it, and I also love reading. And yet my memory doesn’t see things in a way that makes them easily adaptable to the written page. Sometimes I get really great visual I should be paining them on paper, but have very little ability to make it look like I would like it to…so, I use words. Lots of them. Too many sometimes.
    Congrats on the book coming out!

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