Zombie Prom Dress

I may be naive, but I’m not really concerned that the devil, if he/she/it even exists, is going to take over my children because they go all Bela Lugosi one day a year.  I feel pretty comfortable all children, for that matter, are safe.

Can’t we leave Halloween alone?  Pretty please.

I’m a Halloween fan, everything about it.  My children get dressed up, I love that kids run around and get a little crazy for the night.  On Halloween, children are children, even really chill teenagers get nutty and everything is up in the air, it’s a little scary and a lot make believe.

The Day of the Dead…really cool and there’s always the added benefit of candy.  Halloween is a great holiday with no pressure.  There are no uncomfortable sweaters or dress up clothes, it’s fake blood and dark eye makeup.  It’s fun!

When did fun become a bad thing?  Why is putting on a rubber mask and running around with a pillow case deviant?  I realize everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I’m really getting tired of people making God out to be such a prude.

There are people, I really hope they are the minority, that don’t celebrate Halloween.  My children have been exposed to a few of them throughout the years, families that don’t “believe” in Halloween because it represents evil or the devil.  “They’ve given their life to God and they don’t worship evil.”

Really, truly to each his/her own, but don’t make children feel less Godly or evil because they want to play dress up and watch scary movies…that’s not nice.

People really need to lighten up or I’m worried we’re going to politically correct, crazy Christian ourselves into a boring, cookie cut out existence.

My precious children believe in God and are blessed, no question.  I’m also certain that the miraculous energy and love that surrounds them, all of us, will get a kick out of Maggie’s Zombie Prom Queen this year.  The dark, dead girl eyes and blood red lips are pretty close to perfect.

Fun and silly are part of life, so is scary and creepy and spiderwebs.  I’m hoping that God is in on the joke and is probably more concerned with the truly scary things in the reality of our world.  And the devil worship business…please, just stop.

My thoughts from the laundry room.  Sleep Like the Dead.

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