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You know that scene in A Few Good Men when Jack Nicholson says, “You can’t handle the truth!”?

I know he turned out to be a maniacal nut bag, but that line sticks with me.

Most of the time I disagree with Jack.  Our government is too complicated and what are we really building in space and why is everything so secretive? There’s stuff going on we have every right to know.  I think I’d like to know more and the arrogance is rampant.  I’ve been known to go on and on…

And then other times I think Jack was right on…I don’t want to know.  If I knew just half of it I’m sure there’d be some thumb sucking on my part.  The good, the bad, the shameful, the heroism, and all the decisions in between.

I’m pretty tough but I, like many other Americans, take an extra long weekend and leave our protection, security to other men and women.  I’m certain they are all human and I’m sure they make mistakes, but they get up and commit themselves to the missions and values of the United States of American.

Whether they agree or not, they do the work.  They have kept and continue to keep us safe and countless others around the world.

I’m grateful for that, to all of them past and present, for keeping me and those dear to me from having to handle the truth. Thank you for shouldering that burden.

Happy Veterans Day.  Please Be Safe and God’s Speed.

My thoughts from the laundry room.  Sleep Tight.

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