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Sometimes when we are in town, and always on Fridays, we go to this great coffee place called Lux.  It’s hard to describe Lux, but it’s kitschy and cool and mismatched, it all comes together and the energy is pretty special.

On Friday’s they have a DJ that has a grey foo man choo.  He’s set up in the corner and he plays, I’m not sure what he plays, but it sounds like techno taking a nap.  The bathrooms are in the back behind the shelves where they keep all the paper towels and last Friday I was in the ladies room and noticed the mirror.  I’ve been in the bathroom before, but there’s so much to take in at Lux I don’t always notice everything.

Part of the mirror is broken and people have written messages on the cardboard beneath. Some are funny sayings,  but most are things to remember when you’re looking in the mirror or just for life in general.  I like the “learn to love yourself” and “Great story bro, tell it again” reminded me of my children, they always say that to each other.  All the sayings are positive and up in the corner is the message, “If day must become night, sunsets are a beautiful way.”

My daughter lost a dear friend today and the sunset message from the mirror came to mind. His sunset seems far too soon.  Pete was a light that touch everyone around him.  He will be deeply missed by many and my heart aches for Katlyn’s loss.

All of those sayings on the mirror, all the things we remind ourselves day after day and then something happens, someone is taken and everything falls into perspective.  The idea that someone was alive one minute and gone the next, is so difficult. Maybe that is why we write affirmations, pray, tell ourselves things, so that on days like today when nothing seems to make sense we can fall back on pieces of wisdom or positive energies that try to explain the completely unexplainable.

My thoughts from the laundry room.  Rest in Peace.

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