Stark Colors

Walmart is finally struggling, but Robb Stark is dead.  If that’s not the yin and yang of life, I don’t know what is.

My weekend started off with a great article explaining why Walmart is in trouble.  They are having staffing issues and losses in profit and people are not shopping their stores like they used to.  This is leading to empty shelves and all sorts of problems for one of the cancers that threatens to turn American into a cheap chinese bobble head.

I could not be happier.

After reading this article I felt optimistic that people are finally starting to slow down, think about where they buy their stuff.   What is being sprayed on their food, what sweatshop produced their jeans?  Things are changing, slowly, but it’s happening.  I honestly feel the decisions we make every day about how we spend our money are more powerful than our vote.  The American people en mass can make such great change with conscious and  careful choices.  So, I read about Walmart’s mess and I was ready to float through my weekend.

I had a great yoga class on Sunday and then…the sucker punch.

I haven’t read the books, so I never saw the Red Wedding coming.  Holy Smokes this show is starting to make me crazy.  Winter is coming…that seems like a reasonable statement, a little foreboding, but this…this is a hell of a lot more than winter.

The whole Stark family, except the feisty sister, who I’m pretty sure is going to kick ass at some point, gone.  Just when I got over the ridiculous, drop to the ground, not very romantic love scene with his future wife.  Just when I was starting to really like him, he’s super easy on the eyes, not very nice to his mom, but he works that leather and fur business like no one else.  Just when I’d learned to accept his toddler temper tantrums…he’s gone, so is his awesome mom and his, sometimes annoying, but I really liked her too, pregnant wife.

It was more tragedy than I could take.  I’m not strong enough for this show.  No wonder I don’t watch television.  I’ll think long and hard about returning this Sunday.  If they kill Tyrion, I’m done.  I may need some midweek yoga.

My thoughts from the laundry room.  Bad Dream.

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