Hook and Eye

“Somebody help get me up to the 10th floor. It’s my birthday and I’ve got the hookers!”
Those exact words were bellowed over and over again at two in the morning a few years ago.  We were in Prague renting a great walk up when the birthday boy rang the buzzer.

I’m pretty sure he was crying out to everyone in the building during his quest to get to the 10th floor for his birthday celebration. Looking back now, his guests were on the clock, so I understand the urgency.

At the time we were all tired and initially startled. Cotter asked if I thought he really had hookers and if hookers were dangerous. We cracked up, had a snack, and went back to bed. I hope the birthday boy had a great time because over six years later we still laugh when Cotter puts on his British accent and says that famous line.

Today is my birthday.

I am staying at  a house along Highway 1 close to where the Russian River meets the Pacific Ocean.  It is peaceful, foggy and a perfect place for me.  We went to Bodega Bay for the best clam chowder and crab sandwich ever.  The fog burned off and we walked down to the beach, which is a good thing because Michael was about to climb the walls.

I opened my cards about an hour ago and my children are now threatening to kill each other over their tenth game of Yahtzee.  I like to hang out, so on my day that’s exactly what we are doing.

No hookers, no party, just my lovies, James Taylor, jeans, bare feet, a few arguments, good wine and a great view.

Life is often complicated and never easy, but today…today is a really good day.  Happy Birthday to me.

That’s all from the laundry room.  Drift.

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  1. Love your blog name but especially love this post. I can picture you barefoot and blissful writing this post and that sounds like one amazing birthday. So happy birthday, enjoy those last minutes or arguments and laughter over Yahtzee.

    Nice to meet you! I’d love to have you over at Craplandia!

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