Skull Cap

A 1.8 million year old skull was found in Dmanisi, Georgia and I am once again in awe.

I tend to wonder about the people that came before me and those that will follow when I’m gone.  I think about it a lot, always have.

I look at old photographs and feel a connection to people.  They had thoughts like mine, I just know they did.  They wondered and questioned and doubted the same as I do.  Aspirations gave way to necessities and dreams bloomed after reading a great book or visiting a far off place.  They struggled and celebrated and worked hard like I do, and yet they were different.  From a different time, born into unique circumstances, different music, and in most cases a much harder life.

I don’t pretend to know them, any more than I know a stranger living with me during my time, but I find an odd sense of comfort in knowing they came before me.  I feel like a path was paved.  They had children and careers, marriages and loss. They made it through and now they’re gone, but things keep going and I’m doing my thing right now.  There’s ease in knowing things will keep going when I’m gone.  I like that.

Someday I will be gone and it will be my great great grandchildren’s time.  In 200 years there will be some other woman in her 40s wondering who came before her, maybe looking at a picture of me and knowing, just knowing, that I felt the same way she did and…she will be right.

Being human is so special and even though my time is small, I love that I’m a piece of a glorious mosaic.

My thoughts from the laundry room.  Brief Nap.

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