Do Not Dry Clean

It is important to be descriptive.

I work on my vocabulary.  Not in a flash card sort of way, but I try to expand the way I express myself.  This takes some effort because I want to stretch, but never go into territory that feels artificial.

The words I use need to feel organic, so I exercise my choices and then mix them with my foundation.  It works for me.

Yesterday I was focused on adjectives. Lately,  I’m stuck in my common “go to” words – beautiful, fantastic, incredible, lovely.  I need to open up.

I found this exercise that asked me to pick people in my life and describe their personalities, no physical attributes, with seven adjectives.  I was not allowed to use the same adjective twice. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m wordy.  Only seven of anything is a challenge.

It took a while because I kept changing out words trying to capture the essence of the person I was describing.  I also caught myself using words that were not adjectives, but that’s a whole other story about my dysfunctional relationship with parts of speech and punctuation.  There were times I used a reaching word and other times the simplest word was the only one that fit.  I really like working with simple, clean words.

In the end, my mind was exercised and tired.  It was fun.  I thought I would post the descriptors for some of the people in my life.  Pretty interesting collection of words.  I am fortunate.  I used letters to represent each person because the names are not necessary.

E     refined, ethical, tactile, perceptive, curious, giving, witty
K     playful, tranquil, comfortable, spry, loving, luminous, responsible
C     mindful, fearless, gregarious, conflicted, hilarious, soulful, humane
M     fiery, mischievous, defiant, animated, inquisitive, brave, smart
E     quick, genuine, sensitive, methodical, frilly, strong, frugal
A     grounded, warm, willful, honest, vital, playful, enigmatic
J     buoyant, vibrant, committed, insightful, open, whimsical, expressive
M    brilliant, amusing, tender, tireless, complicated, original, reticent

My thoughts from the laundry room.  Mellifluous Slumber.

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  1. I love your descriptive words – especially in your your first novel, Catalina Kiss! Great book, lovely and sensible building of characters … I also admire that you work on writing skills. My personal new favorite word is quiver, a verb that can also be an adjective.

  2. I like that exercise. I go for the simple words because my brain can’t retain anything other than simple. 🙂 But I would like to try this, maybe my writing will become sharpened.

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